We spend the first half of the hour talking with award-winning novelist Cara Hoffman, and in the second half we are joined by two other co-editors of the upcoming Fifth Estate Anarchist Review of Books, Rochester rapper Eli Arbor and another award-winning novelist, Carrie Laben, from Queens, New York.

We spend the hour with author, journalist, and chef, who writes regularly for the Intercept, the Nation, Jacobin, and many other publications, and has been actively covering events in Portland over the past few months.

We spend the hour with activist and blogger from North Belfast, Fra Hughes.

The new CDC ruling kicks the can down the road nationwide until the end of 2020.  Let's be prepared for 2021.  Another world is possible.

We spend the hour with the founding instigator of Submedia TV, Franklin Lopez.

Escalation in Portland

If there is a point at which we realize we are taking our lives in our hands by just going downtown and marching in the streets, this might be it.

It's the last Saturday of the month, my self-appointed time to do a concert for the internet from my living room.  Here it is for your listening pleasure, archived in audio form!

Discussion with Henry Bell

An interview of particular interest to anyone involved with the struggle for affordable housing. The book Henry wrote that we discuss is about one of the leaders of the rent strike in Glasgow that led to the UK government freezing rents throughout the entire country.

We spend the hour with director of the Palestine Museum of Natural History, scientist, author and organizer, Mazin Qumsiyeh.

We spend the hour with poet and lecturer at Nottingham Trent University in England, Rory Waterman.

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