Collings and Me

Today for my weekly living room livestream session I got back to playing the guitar -- but it's my new Collings, amplified with a K&K pickup and preamp.

Talking parsimonious municipality blues. For the first 25 minutes or so I talk to union representative, Rob Martineau, about the potential city workers strike here in Portland, Oregon, and the rally on Saturday at City Hall at 2 pm. For the rest of the hour, union songs.

I thought I'd share a few reflections as a movement musician at the end of a movement, in case it might be helpful for anyone else who's feeling a tad bleak.

For my weekly livestream this Omicron Wednesday, the state of the streets in 2021 with Food Not Bombs cofounder, Keith McHenry.

As the pundits and politicians of the world pay tribute to Desmond Tutu, let's remember some of the things they're not mentioning -- like most anything he did or said after 1998 or so.

Another Wednesday, another living room jam at high noon, west coast time.  Here's the podcast made just after the fact.

Some end-of-the-year reflections on the state of the gig economy.

As the hospitals overflow while the people of the world suffer through wars, famines, economic collapses, lockdowns and all the social and financial problems associated with them, among other things, well, I guess I'll see you in the metaverse.

Living Room Jam

Here's the MP3 version of today's livestreamed concert with my mandola, with its newly-installed pickup. You can tune in to the next one live if you're free at noon Pacific time next Wednesday, or check it out after the fact on one of the platforms where it was broadcast (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Linked In) or in podcast form on Patreon, or by looking up This Week with David Rovics wherever podcasts are found. 

On the same day journalists received the Nobel Peace Prize, another journalist is one step closer to being extradited to to the US to face 175 years behind bars -- after the CIA has already made their assassination plans clear.  Would the Royal Courts of Justice have extradited Jamal Kashoggi, too?

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