We spend the hour with organizer and author, Joe Gerson, with the Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security, speaking to us from Massachusetts. A wide-ranging discussion exploring many topics including the history of the nuclear arms race, anti-nuclear protest movements of the 1980's, what it's like to be a minor celebrity in Japan, and what might happen over the next few weeks in the USA.

We spend the hour getting the lowdown on the Portland protests and many other things, in a wide-ranging discussion covering police brutality, protest organizing, different levels of political leadership, the role of social media, other platforms for communication, and lots more, with Indymedia and Portland Sound Bloc co-founder and longtime Portland resident, Rabble.

Today we're talking with fermentation fetishist, Sandor Katz, from his home down the road from the Radical Faeries in Tennessee. Sandor has written many books about fermentation, as well as other subjects. We close the show out with some music...

Today we spend the hour talking about policing with someone who spent decades on the San Marcos, Texas police force, retired sergeant Dave Waugh.

We spend the hour with Professor Emeritus at Wayne State University, veteran activist and author of Weaponized Whiteness and other books, Fran Shor, speaking to us from Michigan.

We spend the hour with veteran touring and recording artist and popular educator from Massachusetts, Charlie King.

Wes Brain interviewed me today for his show, the Brain Labor Report, on KSKQ FM Radio in southern Oregon, about my new album, Say Their Names. 

Today we spend the hour with renowned jazz musician and author of the Wandering Who and other books, Gilad Atzmon.

We spend the hour with Milwaukee-based artist and activist, Susan Simensky Bietila, whose work appears regularly in the pages of World War 3 Illustrated, Fifth Estate, and in many other places.

We spend the hour talking about ongoing land occupations and other things going on right now in Argentina with organizer and educator, Darío Díaz.

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