I fly off to London on Friday.  Very much looking forward to all the gigs around England, Scotland, events around COP26, etc. -- but I'm especially looking forward to singing at the rally against extraditing Julian Assange to the US on Saturday, October 23rd.  While still here in my little home studio in Portland, I thought I'd render a version of the song I'll be singing that afternoon outside the Royal Courts of Justice.

Here's a report from me on last weekend's Rally for Senior Housing in Tigard, Oregon, a new ground zero in the struggle for affordable housing in the US.  (Capped off by a song I wrote on the subject as well.)

Hamilton-Zanze is an investment group that specializes in buying what they call "undervalued properties" and making sure they get every bit of their money's worth of them, after they buy the buildings, kick out the residents, and double the rent, which is what they're trying to do with the only affordable housing apartment complex in Tigard, Oregon.  Rally on Saturday, 2 pm at 113th and Durham in Tigard with the residents!

I haven't been interviewing people lately, but I did one today!  Fascinating discussion on a vitally important subject -- the organization of society and the future of humanity.

It's the last Saturday of the month, and I'm not on tour, which is the combination of factors that leads me to do a little concert from my living room these days. Today I'll play some mandola for you, along with the guitar.

It's been a wonderful several days at Big Red Studio with a bunch of stellar musicians -- one more chapter in an ongoing project, which will be a mixed and mastered album by early 2022. This is a rough mix of one of the tracks, about political prisoners in the USA. There's a video coming, too, which is already in process as well...

All things considered, the main thing that changed on September 11th, 2001 was the narrative.  What didn't change were any of the main circumstances that led up to the attacks.

I spent most of an hour this morning talking with Wes Brain on his weekly radio show, the Brain Labor Report, broadcast on KSKQ Community Radio in southern Oregon.  We talked about politics, shockingly enough, along with topics related to my latest album, such as Labor Day, vaccines, our mutual friend Anne Feeney, climate chaos, and more.

It was a great pleasure being today's guest on Ron Placone's very excellent podcast.  Here it is for my podcast subscribers to check out with ease, but if you want to subscribe to Ron's podcast, look up Get Yours News On With Ron wherever podcasts are found.

What 9/11 Derailed

Before September 11th, 2001, most of the people I knew also had one of those before-and-after dates that defined our new reality:  November 30th, 1999.

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