The Trolls’ Toll

I'm doing a west coast tour next week, and the wackos are back, trying to intimidate gig organizers into canceling my little acoustic gigs, calling up farmers and people hosting house concerts to tell them I'm a Nazi.  Welcome to my life in 2022.

Last Saturday Live

For Saturday, November 26th, 2022,  I introduce you to the NS Designs 5-string fretted electric cello.  If anyone wants to form a punk rock string quartet, hit me up, for real.  These are some of the cello parts, which I think should ideally be complemented by other stringed instruments.

My monthly Last Saturday concert from my living room this time will be a little exploration of the five-string fretted electric cello.

Various recent developments remind many of us that we live in an information landscape dystopia.

After 27 rounds of annual talks that amount to just a bunch of corporate hot air, we're hopefully that much closer to the tipping point when people give up on relying on the capitalists to save us.

It's been an especially farcical week on Planet Earth.

While they're nursing the wounds caused by shooting themselves in their own feet so much, I'm sure some of them are well aware that if they hadn't spent the past 50 years stabbing the working class in the back, the working class might support their party. 

The written version of this rant appears in both the physical and online versions of Slingshot #136.  Slingshot is a wonderful anarchist newspaper going strong since the 1980's, and they put out a fabulous thing called the Slingshot Organizer -- the 2023 edition is available now!

Some reflections on what Scandinavia has that so many other places lack, after spending most of October on tour in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.  You can also find this in written form at

Some thoughts on the way the liberal press likes to frame things when it comes to the arts, which entirely involves the rearrangement of deck chairs on a sinking ship.  (Published in written form in Counterpunch earlier in October, I was on tour and didn't have a chance to make the podcast version til now.)

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