It was another great open mic, full of very new, very topical songs from songwriters on both sides of the Atlantic, both repeat offenders and new participants.

Mayworks Winnipeg Concert

Today my livestreaming is dedicated to doing a concert on the Facebook page of Mayworks Winnipeg, among other platforms. If not for the pandemic, this concert would likely be taking place in the actual city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Featuring a guest appearance by Attila the Stockbroker!

Dear Landlord #rentstrike

In lieu of paying the rent to my landlord -- which is a Portland-based real estate corporation which has been doubling and tripling the cost of housing up and down the west coast for decades -- I sent the Randall Group a poem.

I spend the hour with legendary Irish songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, album producer, audio engineer, butcher, chef, revolutionary and expert marksman, Pol Mac Adaim.

I spend the hour with longtime pediatrician and advocate for universal health care, veteran of Occupy Wall Street, former Green Party candidate for the Maryland Senate, and co-founder of Popular Resistance, Margaret Flowers.

I spend the hour talking with long-time organizers, founders of the Global Justice Ecology Project, Anne Petermann and Orin Langelle. A wide-ranging discussion, we talked about the current historical moment as well as past historical moments, including the successful struggle against Hydro Quebec's dam-building project and other successful campaigns, the bombing of Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney, recent mass protests in Chile, and more.

If you missed it live (or not), here's the fourth weekly online open mic in the Pandemic series, archived for posterity.  Another very high-quality assortment of mostly professional musicians, along with a fantastic storyteller and one poem, with participants mainly from across the US and the UK, as well as Canada.

I spend the hour with National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee Outreach Consultant and longtime activist from St Louis, Missouri, Chrissy Kirchhoefer.

Discussion with Jack Muir

I spend the hour talking with Scottish-born, Ecuador-based writer, world traveler, and college recruiter, Jack Muir.

The last-minute plan for today was to host an open mic/call-in show. I didn't plan it in advance for logistical reasons, so only one person joined me, and it ended up being a fascinating, hour-long discussion after all, but with a guest that I only just met -- Remzi Bajrami, who is currently working on a book about replacing our failing capitalist system with a better form of economics, and ownership of everything.

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