It's time to take on the vulture capitalists in Stockholm and San Francisco.  Streaming justice now.

The Making of an Album

Just as I'm in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign for my next album, the press is once again announcing the Death of the Album.  I beg to beg.  I mean to differ.

It is in these bleak times that people need community and music more than ever -- they just don't tend to realize it.  The choir actually needs to be preached to on a regular basis, or it starts singing out of tune.

I have lost track of the number of times in the past few days that I have been told by openly fascist YouTube viewers that I deserve a bullet in my head for writing my most recent song.

The war between the United States and Japan began with a US-enforced oil embargo against the Japanese Empire.

Many people in the US are gradually waking up to the reality that we are now the "Good Germans" of contemporary fascism.

The condition of homelessness is quite often fatal.

The Joy of Touring

There are many ways to learn a whole lot about the world without leaving home. But it sure helps if you do. After being home almost all winter and spring for a sort of improvised paternity leave which I have enjoyed immensely, I find myself nonetheless looking forward to the next big tour in a way that I haven't in a long time.

Remembering Gerd Berlev

I got word last weekend, in the afternoon of June 1st, 2019, Denmark time, that my friend and comrade, extremely talented organizer and much-loved grandmother and horn player, Gerd Berlev died. There is so much that can be said about Gerd, but as I sat in my apartment in Portland, Oregon, taking in this news, I wrote these words.

The initial roll-out of my latest solo acoustic studio album is exclusively for members of my Patreon-style Community-Supported Art program, or CSA, which you are most welcome to join at But for listeners to my podcast, here's an album tour.

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