Heeding German Warnings

There's a new documentary coming soon about a political tendency in Germany called the Anti-Germans. For an American audience, the release of this film could not be more timely.

We spend the hour with George Katsiaficas, author of many books, including Imagination of the New Left and The Subversion of Politics, talking about social movements, big moments in social movement history, the impact and repression of social movements, with a focus on the movement against the Vietnam War, the Black Panther Party, the rebellions across Asia of the 1980's, the autonomous movements of Europe during the same period, and much more.

We spend the hour with Detroit-area organizer and long-time bass player in the anarcho-musical phenomenon known and loved by many in Detroit and beyond, the Layabouts, talking about the Cass Corridor, the Detroit Uprising of 1967, Vietnam, World War 2, gentrification, free culture, and much more.

Things are heating up in Berkeley. Max gives us a thorough update on events surrounding People's Park, with background.

Another first-Saturday-of-the-month conversation between me and Frank, comparing notes.

Remembering Anne Feeney

Rabble-rouser, songwriter, and my old friend, Anne Feeney, died on Wednesday.

I talk today with Norman Stockwell, publisher of the Progressive Magazine and long-time community radio activist. After 27 minutes of fascinating discussion, Norm's computer crashed big-time, and 52 minutes into the broadcast, Norm rejoins me for a bit more. In the intervening half hour, I tell random stories associated with Madison, Wisconsin, where Norm and the Progressive Magazine is based.

Who is Dimitris Koufontinas, and why does the CIA and the mayor of Athens both want him dead?

Paula and David talk about music and history with New York-based songwriter and history buff, Vincent Cross, whose latest album is themed around one of his ancestors, titled The Life & Times of James "The Rooster" Corcoran.

We spend the hour with Dave Rogers, who has been a labor and cultural activist in Birmingham, England and beyond since the 1970's.

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